Partnering with Firebrand ensures the ongoing growth of your business or organisation. We'll work with you to strategically and purposefully grow your business locally, nationally or internationally. 

Dream & Discover

It's no secret that we adore Dunedin. Working with you, the Dunedin Business Community, is our number one focus. We want to ensure you reach your business goals and achieve success now and in the future by being relevant, sustainable and forward-looking. This requires dreaming, workshopping, research, rapid prototyping and being strategic yet agile. Funding is possible and we have a number of options including our registration as a Regional Business Partner.

Brand Positioning

We’ve never had more choice of products and services than we do now. To win the trust of consumers your brand not only needs a personality and consistency, but a great story. We specialise in refreshing brands to add modern appeal and creating entirely new identities including naming. Our process results in brands that engage, inspire and connect with the right people.

A good brand is three-dimensional, crafted to sway the hearts and minds of consumers. To create powerful brands we consider the entire customer experience including your digital presence, print, social media, the way you dress, even how your team answers the phone! We build brand experiences, executed with consistency across all areas of your business.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is at the heart of your brand's success. From social media management and email marketing through to SEO, remarketing and content writing - this is our jam.

There's nothing we enjoy more at Firebrand than getting to see our digital marketing strategy come to life. We measure, analyse and iterate to ensure your campaign is generating a solid return on investment and growing your business.  Our capabilities allow us to entirely manage your digital marketing campaigns, whether one-off or ongoing.

Videography & Storytelling

At Firebrand we love content - it's the glue that holds all marketing together. We carefully create images, video and copy to ensure you get results - from click-through to conversion. We're into crafting content in a big way so whether you need copy, imagery, videography, design or everything in-between, you can leave it to us. 

Search & Analytics

We deliver all of our websites fully optimised for Google search, but if you're serious about seeing first page results in a competitive industry and location that's only the beginning. Advanced analytics and search engine optimisation allow us to provide thorough and detailed reports on SEO success while enabling us to be agile in our methods delivering optimal results for every campaign.