Aotea Group

We Are Here. A strategic, nationwide brand repositioning for Aotea Group.

The Brief

The Aotea Group team engaged in a discovery session with Firebrand to highlight some of the key challenges for staff, customers and employees. To gain valuable feedback and insights, this was followed by empathy interviews and surveys which uncovered some huge learnings for the whole team. 

The outcome of this discovery process served as the key driver for strategic marketing outcomes. Putting our design and digital minds together, a cross-medium, cross channel message "Aotea, We Are Here" was created to put a spotlight on the hard work Aotea do in the background as the unsung heroes, always there for New Zealanders. From here we prioritised Aotea's marketing efforts starting with their key platform: a new Aotea Group website.

The Solution

With 26 businesses in over 29 separate locations across New Zealand, Firebrand needed to find a way to give visibility to and connect directly with the full spectrum of local Aotea businesses across New Zealand. We also needed to demonstrate the national capabilities and breadth of services that Aotea Group have collectively.

The new Aotea Group website offers users a clean layout, simple navigation structure and user-friendly functionality. Through this easy-to-navigate design, website users can learn about Aotea Group, their services, read case studies and find out more about each of the local Aotea companies and the industries they work with. Most importantly, users can contact Aotea Group companies quickly and easily with the new location finder. The website has fresh and engaging content and is also fully responsive and fully usable across a multitude of devices, whether desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Businesses Across NZ
Increase in Engagement
Cake Deliveries

The Result

All successful projects thrive on a trusting, genuine, collaborative relationship between client and agency. The incredible collaboration between Firebrand and the Aotea Group team ensured the website launch was a huge success, resulting in a dramatic cultural shift internally and positive interactions with their customers externally. The website is an exciting step forward for Aotea Group in line with their new strategic direction, and Firebrand are pleased to continue with an ongoing relationship as the chosen strategic partner for Aotea Group.

"We had a need to refresh a successful but tired image, message and position in the market, and working with Firebrand helped us explore what it was that really made our companies great and which attracted and inspired our people to excel."

"Rebecca and her team helped us understand that what really matters is communicating our story to the people that don’t yet know us and who we really need to reach, and that crafting that story for them, is far more important than how best to tell us our own story. Firebrand have assembled a high performance team of fantastic creators and communicators and we are all the better for having worked with them."

Allistair Hogg - Aotea Group