RD Petroleum

A digital transformation for RD Petroleum's fuel card application process.

The Brief

RD Petroleum approached Firebrand to help them complete the digital transformation to an online fuel card application system. As one of the South Island's most cost-effective fuel distributors, RD Petroleum wanted to make the process of applying for a fuel card as easy as possible for customers. Firebrand were tasked with a custom development project to remove old, paper based forms from the application process and create a slick, easy to use online system with secure electronic signatures.

The Solution

Firebrand used the latest frontend and server-side tech to produce a seamless online application experience for RD Petroleum's customers. The forms are simple and easy to complete, with a focus on making the process as usable as possible. 

The forms are divided into clear sections with a simple progress indicator so customers always know where they are throughout the process. Clear feedback is shown to ensure customers provide accurate data without frustration. If a customer closes the application halfway through, they are emailed a reminder several hours later including a link to pick-up where they left off.

Firebrand used DocuSign to provide a secure electronic signature service. When an application form has been completed by an RD Petroleum customer, they are emailed a copy to sign electronically. RD Petroleum staff are then notified that an application is complete. The whole process is completed online from start to finish making things easy for RD Petroleum's customers and staff.

The Result

Receiving dozens of applications in just a few weeks of going live, the new system has been a game-changer for RD Petroleum and their customers. With new applications coming in as soon as the system went live, this digital transformation has made a huge difference to customers and staff. Gone are the days of signing forms and sending them through the post - the new system we developed provides the same legal authority in a faster, more convenient package.