Developed by Firebrand from the ground up, eComPlus is a platform that facilitates product sales across multiple channels.

The Brief

With over two-thirds of Kiwis shopping online, we know how massive eCommerce has become in New Zealand. Our friends at eComPlus spotted a demand for an eCommerce solution that can push products from hundreds of suppliers out through multiple channels. 

Firebrand were tasked with developing a powerhouse platform that helps online sellers streamline fulfillment through multiple locations, ensuring a return for retailers by drop shipping products from the closest location.


The Solution

This brilliant client behind such well-known brands as TradeTools and MyTools partnered with our team to build an eCommerce platform like no other. This innovative project takes drop shipping, eCommerce and business relationships to a new level. Along with the platform, Firebrand carried out branding, web and custom tool development work. 

The Result

eComPlus initially partnered with Firebrand in 2014 and we have recently completed version 2.0. If you are interested in understanding more about eCommerce and drop shipping, we might know some people who know some people.

"It’s a rare find when you come across a business that is immediately impressive, and after 8 years, I can attest to the fact that we still have that sense at every touch point with Firebrand. Rebecca & her team have taken the lead in shaping our digital world in multiple projects over that time, ranging from Marketing Strategy to bespoke SAS development and have never failed to hit the mark; consistently rising to each challenge with enthusiasm, efficiency, and most importantly industry leading innovation."

Mark Phizacklea, TradeTools and MyTools