Are you looking to build a startup or community organisation? Need assistance to get things off the ground? Our team are proven starters. We can create your new brand, imagery, collateral, website and social presence.


In this session you'll share your hopes and aspirations, goals and targets, pains, gains, assumptions, what you know and what you think you need to get you there. We know how valuable this is and that's why we scale Dream & Discover for our clients and projects. It gets everything out on the table - no surprises, uncover the dream, we ask you a lot of questions, give you good advice on business processes, we discuss design and technology choices, experience design, marketing and strategy so you can make good choices upfront. That includes whether we share the same values and are the right partner for you.


We've never had a larger choice of products and services than we do now. To win the trust of consumers, your brand not only needs a personality and consistency, but a great story. We specialise in refreshing brands to create modern appeal. We can create entirely new identities including naming. Our process results in brands that engage, inspire and connect with the right people. A good brand is three-dimensional, crafted to sway the hearts and minds of consumers. To create powerful brands we consider the entire customer experience - a summary of your digital presence, print, social media, the way you dress, even how your team answers the phone! We build brand experiences, executed with consistency across all areas of your business.

Marketing Strategy

Experience is everything. It’s the difference between customer returns and recommendations, or not. Firebrand’s strategies focus on customer delight and produce the type of results that turn into leads and customers for your sales teams! We do the research, nail down your goals, personas, priorities and gaps in the market and turn them into action plans, guidelines and KPIs. Research will determine which are the most appropriate and rewarding channels for you and your company. Brand positioning aligns your marketing with consumer needs and makes you stand out from the competition. Our process results in brands that engage, educate, entertain, inspire and connect with the right audience.

Graphic Design

The Firebrand team combine vast design experience and out of the box thinking to elevate your ideas and execute a complete range of collateral. We've got you covered from stationery, business cards, catalogues, magazines, brochures, posters, signage and product packaging.

Social Media Management

Firebrand's team live and breathe social media so we're well versed in setting up and designing for these channels. Your brand personality, key messaging and consistency are important and we put your customers first when strategising and posting on your behalf. We create a bespoke strategy with targeted schedules, followed by campaign planning and monitoring to ensure success.