Intern Life

What is interning at Firebrand really like?

Design school is a fantasy land where there are no rules, no budgets, and no real-world perspectives involved. So starting at Firebrand was like leaving the sandpit to go build a skyscraper. I would be lying if I said walking into that first Monday morning meeting wasn’t so daunting that I forgot how to speak. And so I got thrown into client meetings about brand strategy, sent on video shoots in Gore, and tasked with creating a summer's worth of newspaper ads. And this was only within the first two weeks. I’m proud to say I managed to keep it together until the month-long Christmas break, although I frequently had dreams about the NAS.

With 2021 gaining momentum, it becomes the perfect opportunity for me to mould my study/work life in order to become a valuable asset to the team. I feel blessed to be given this awesome opportunity and everyone has made me feel very comfortable. You’ve all taught me how to work at high speed but more importantly at a higher calibre.

Thank you to everyone at Firebrand x