Sexwise Launch

Sexwise boosts the confidence of teenagers to make good choices about their sexual health and identity. Firebrand couldn't be prouder to support the team at Sexwise by writing new content and launching a fresh new teenage-focused website.⚣⚤⚢⚧

Sexwise key point of difference is that they don't tell teenagers what to do, or what the best solutions are for them. They use interactive theatre and workshops to let teenagers figure out solutions that suit them best. 

This means that every community, every class, every visit is different, unique and has personalised benefits. 

Our goal was to represent this through engaging content and a fresh new website that appeals to both teenagers and potential funders alike.  

Sexwise wants to reach as many teenagers as possible in NZ and we think this sleek and content-rich website full of awesome resources really fits the purpose ✌